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  1. Dear Sir……My name is Sarah. I am one of the junior analyst at a stockbroking firm in Malaysia. In fact I’m only about a month old
    For the past week I’ve been cracking my head trying to study the offshore industry of oil&gas
    I came across your page and I’m just wondering if you could help me with a few things:

    1. Would you mind telling me the brakehorse power of Armada Tuah 300? I can’t seem to find that information anywhere online as most page only provides their dwt. I really need to know the bhp though…I’m actually searching for the bhp of Armada 300-308 & 500

    2. Do you by any chance know the current charter rates for AHTS & MPSV? I understand that both depends on the charter rate per bhp, in USD? From what little mentioned online the range is between $1-1.5 now?

    I’m sorry for bothering you with these inquiries. If you have any tips to pass along, do email me at sarahsharis@gmail.com


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