Kundasang War Memorial

From a distance, the mere sight of the brushes graced by an opening iron gate right next to the heart of the Kundasang village leaves one dread at the possibility of a disappointing experience and wasted time to venture into this place which is part of the village’s list of interesting places. Knowing this is a once in a lifetime chance to acquire some photo documentation for the death.my project (and not forgetting the family itching to break a sweat in a curious adventure in this cold climate up in the mountains) we pressed on through these gates of Kundasang War Memorial.

Kundasang War Memorial Entrance
Kundasang War Memorial Entrance

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Shipbuilding and Wiki

Having left the shipbuilding industry, I suppose the knowledge is worth sharing with anyone in searching to find the best solution to their existing problem when it comes to managing their engineering documents. Problem: Important electronic documents were everywhere in the adopted & managed communication methods – email attachments, thumbdrive, portable HDD, CDs, DVDs, and …

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Feed-ing Frenzy

I’ve been relying a lot on web feeds recently. That is mainly because it saves lots of time in catching up with your favorite online news sites, friends weblogs, forums, etc. Seriously, your patience will wear thin if take your sweet time to surf around each and every one of your favorite sites and constantly being bombarded by annoying pop-ups/pop-unders/DHTML ads, heavy flash movies or navigation menus, stupid Java applets, slow connections, and all the other distractions that masks the information you are only interested in.

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