Sarawak Government Almanac 2020

The Sarawak Government Almanac 2020 is now in circulation.  As usual, support your local bookstores and buy a copy if you are using it often.

wdt_IDEnglishMuslimChineseEventsMoon PhasesSun RiseSun SetKuching High Water 1Kuching High Water 2Miri High Water 1Miri High Water 2
101/01/202057NEW YEAR06:40 AM06:43 PM07:50 AM09:25 PM01:09 AM10:14 AM
202/01/20206806:41 AM06:43 PM08:42 AM10:04 PM01:26 AM10:33 AM
303/01/202079FIRST QUARTER - 3rd, 12:46 hrs.06:41 AM06:43 PM09:44 AM10:46 PM01:15 AM09:14 PM
404/01/202081006:42 AM06:44 PM10:57 AM11:30 PM11:12 AM08:35 PM
505/01/202091106:42 AM06:44 PM12:13 PM11:26 AM08:26 PM
606/01/2020101206:43 AM06:45 PM12:17 AM01:25 PM05:20 AM08:29 PM
707/01/20201113FULL MOON - 11th, 03:22 hrs.06:43 AM06:45 PM01:05 AM02:28 PM05:08 AM08:40 PM
808/01/2020121406:44 AM06:46 PM01:52 AM03:23 PM05:29 AM09:01 PM
909/01/20201315King Tide 16:13 hrs. (5.5m)06:44 AM06:46 PM02:37 AM04:13 PM06:00 AM09:30 PM
1010/01/20201416King Tide 17:00 hrs. (5.8m)06:44 AM06:47 PM03:21 AM05:00 PM06:37 AM10:07 PM
EnglishMuslimChineseEventsMoon PhasesSun RiseSun SetKuching High Water 1Kuching High Water 2Miri High Water 1Miri High Water 2

Sarawak Chronology Of Events 1839-2015

If you have seen the hardcopy of any Sarawak Government Almanacs like the latest 2018 edition, on the back of each page, there are listings of Sarawak chronological events going all the way back to the 19th century.  It is obviously not an exhaustive listing, but I think it serves as a good starting point to get into the history of Sarawak if the bite-sized texts intrigue you.

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Sarawak Government Almanac 2017

I got my copy of the Sarawak Government Almanac 2017 from the local bookstores yesterday.  Turns out any bookstores having them went directly to Pecetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB) Kuching (or their agents) to get them which is preferably much faster since it is printed there.

Well, it has been a dull & gloomy year 2016 for everyone but let’s look forward to a better year in 2017.  Happy New Year!

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Sarawak Government Almanac 2012

Most of us use the Sarawak Government Almanac just to plan our upcoming holidays which in most cases ties in with public holidays.  Others such as the Chinese uses it to find corresponding dates in the Lunar calendar; Muslims use it to identify corresponding dates in the Hijrah calendar.  Those in the marine industries will be checking on the timing of high tides in respective locations, and there are those who tracks moon phases and events.  Sometimes there are annual events which are not public holidays but noted in the almanac too.  All-in-all, I believe everyone can find some use in the almanacs.  Knowing the frustration in getting own copy from the very limited supplies out there (which is only printed once a year), am putting up the table here to help those who can’t get their own copy on a timely manner – yes, these Sarawak Government Almanac 2012 is now just starting to appear in local bookstore or magazine stalls.

P/S: According to the almanac, it looks like Deepavali is still not a public holiday here in Sarawak.

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