Sarawak Government Almanac 2010

I’m one of the many individuals who gets annoyed badly when unable to purchase a copy of the Sarawak Government Almanac each year.

Mind you, limited copies of the almanacs are released sometime in December or January in the state and only a selected few knows when it will be out. Anyway if you are lucky, you may find some of them at your local bookshop or magazine stalls. Else you will resort to ask some kind people (again, they are also limited) working in various government departments to make a photocopy from their only almanac in the office. These official almanacs are only a hot product during the beginning of the year, after which you will never see them being sold anymore.

Anyway, I’ve spent an hour doing this for fellow Sarawakians (prefer to think of this as a noble cause instead of plagiarism). If you want a hardcopy for yourself, please buy it from the proper place – if you can find it in the first place.  Alternatively you may download the optimized scanned PDFs and images here:

Download Scanned PDF:

Scanned Images: