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Finally found the time to try out Google SketchUp Free which is a 3D Modelling application that is still in beta version to compliment Google Earth. Didn’t get a chance to compare it with Google SketchUp Pro (yes, a paid version) in terms of features, but from initial tickering, it proves to be an easy 3D modelling application and it has the basic tools to create your first 3D model (in my case, I’ve done a rough model of the Grand Old Lady and Wisma Pelita Tunku which is not up-to-scale). Here is a screen capture of the application interface when I’m creating the Grand Old Lady:


The application works flawlessly in terms of exporting the model to a .KMZ file, or directly into Google Earth (you have to make sure it is running first). I’m hoping to see in near future we can export the models created in Google SketchUp into other formats outside of the Google’s realm. Anyway, you can also directly save a screen capture of the current view for quick distribution:


Now comes the fun part: When you’re done creating your 3D models, export it into Google Earth and/or share it with the world!


For your info, you can also use Google SketchUp to model things other than building or structures. You may take a look at the Google’s 3D Warehouse community site to see how others are modelling their imaginations.

7 thoughts on “Google SketchUp”

  1. Hello. I’ve been using sketchup since ver 2… waaay before google earth was launched. Google bought the company (@last software) only recently… a year or two. So… sketchup was NOT designed to compliment google earth. and it’s not the other way around either… just to make things clear. thanks!

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