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Miri is my hometown and the community I grew up in can only be best described in a light bulb joke based on the latest Mirian population of 278,400:

Question: How many Mirians does it take to change a light bulb?


  • 139,200 will be in an isolated place without any Internet connection to take notice of this.
  • 200 will quickly make a posting in MiriCommunity.net Feedback For Our Miri City forumin hoping for an answer.
  • 1,000 will mistakenly post the same question in the Classifieds forum.
  • 100 will have their posting removed because didn’t read for any existing topic with the same content.
  • 500 will be hijacking other topics to ask the same question.
  • 50,000 will be too busy queuing up to buy lottery to take notice of this.
  • 10,000 will be caught in jams at Pujut Roundabout while trying to read the progress of bulb change using their mobile phone.
  • 2,345 will be slowly driving their car on the right lane of the 2-way highway while thinking about this question.
  • 20,000 will be slowing down their cars just to see an accident by the roadside in hoping to spot the car plate number for today’s lottery.
  • 6,000 in the oil & gas industry will be working offshore and surfing to MiriCommunity.net observing the same topic being asked over and over again with no serious answers.
  • 1,000 will start and rev their heavily modded cars with all the bells & whistles just to switch on the headlights to assist with the light bulb change somewhere.
  • 200 will close their browsers and turn on their online game to kill time while waiting for someone else to do the job.
  • 345 will stand close to take multiple pictures of the light bulb in macro mode in the dark and use Photoshop to adjust the brightness later.
  • 200 will take pictures of the light bulb 1 kilometer away using their DSLR equipped with telescoping lens and thinking how much closer they could have zoomed-in if they have spent a little bit more on a better telescoping lens.
  • 500 will be getting hungry just by the thought of the task, and look-up MakanManiacs.comto find which other restaurant they haven’t tried yet.
  • 40 will be hungry too but pretending to ask on behalf of their friends what restaurant is new in town.
  • 700 will take the opportunity to ask why is the seahorse the mascot of Miri after spending too much time in the crawling jam from the North to the South of Miri everyday.
  • 15,000 will realize that the pink flowers by the road side are called Periwinkle when their 4WD ran over them while overtaking cars using the shoulder of the road in heavy jam caused by either JPJ or Traffic Police.
  • 5,430 will pick up their mobile phone and call someone to ask about the procedure to change light bulb while taking notice that it has past 1 month and time to change a new phone.
  • 50 will be asking those jogging beside them at Taman Bulatan, Taman Awam, or along Piasau Camp which type of energy saving bulb should they use instead because of the high electricity bills they are getting.
  • 200 will be making Classifieds posting in MiriCommunity.net to sell cheap energy saving bulbs from China.
  • 400 will take the opportunity to go out and gather with Mat Rempit at Lutong Airstrip to release stress from the question.
  • 100 will be thinking whether there are energy saving lamps/LEDs for their RC cars, helicopters, and airplanes.
  • 20 will be registering in miricomusing blub related usernames, and create referral links to tell people to make money online.
  • 2,000 will be complaining that Streamyx sucks as well as the blown bulb, but still not dare to potong.
  • 300 will be wondering whether the bulb could have caused their Celcom Broadband line to drop.
  • 500 will be complaining & agreeing with each other in miricom that the light bulb needs changing.
  • 20 will make a project out of this to change out all light bulbs in Miri and silently release for favorite contractors to tender.
  • 50 will be talking to local news reporters on how they have planned this great project for them to publish in the newspapers tomorrow.
  • 2,000 will be speculating that changing the light bulb is a conspiracy theory orchestrated by some powerful people to divert attention from the troubles in the jungle.
  • 700 will be displaying old & used parking coupons when they park their cars to buy light bulb.
  • 50 will be practicing their negotiating skills with the authorities when caught without their safety belt on while speeding to get the light bulb changed.
  • 200 will be chatting in old coffee shops about this issue.
  • 400 will be eavesdropping in old coffee shops and start telling others that they themselves have changed the light bulb.
  • 20,000 will be flocking to newly opened franchise restaurants and complain that they can change the light bulb faster than the waiter can serve.
  • 1,000 will be seen exercising in gym or go out cycling to get into shape so they could climb the ladder in full grace.
  • 4,000 will be inviting those tired of planning the task a quick getaway to local disco & kareoke bars before coming back and then forget to change the light bulb.
  • 900 will be trying to convince expats that changing a light bulb is much more interesting than solving the mystery of asking a local girl out for a date.
  • 300 will be thinking that the government could have done a better job to ensure that we don’t need to be changing light bulbs.
  • 450 will still be telling people in West Malaysia that our tree house still needs to have the eco-friendly light bulbs changed.
  • 12,000 will be complaining that their salary is low and they have to work on Saturdays so they need a break from all of this.
  • 50,000 will be switching on their c-band parabolic dish to watch free TV channels instead.
  • 3,000 will be talking about this over a mahjong/cards/holo table trying to take their minds off their losing streak.
  • 8,000 will be taking their partner/family to shopping malls looking for a light bulb in the wrong section, and rummaging through their deck of cards to find the correct member card when paying.
  • 50 will be asking for refund on the faulty bulb, but to find out in the end that there is no such thing as refund here in Miri.
  • 100 will either be blaming the council for lack of care or the people for vandalism of lamps in this resort city.
  • 5,000 will be setting up a makeshift platform for the blub change because they were once a crew on platforms or rigs in the oil & gas industry.
  • 2,000 will be assessing the safety aspect of the job because there are not enough HSE jobs in Miri.
  • 2 will be holding the step-ladder while staring at their mobile phone to SMS/MMS/Camwhore.
  • 1 will be standing on the ladder changing the bulb because it is worth the risk after borrowing a huge sum of money from ah longs, or their girlfriends/boyfriends have dumped them, or they are caught on camera with China Dolls, or they are in a notorious video currently circulating in the Internet or mobile phones.

Disclaimer: This is just a joke from my own limited observation. No harm intended in case you choked or get offended. 🙂

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