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The web domain is for sale.  If interested, please use the following form to make your offer or to get in touch.  You...

Sarawak Government Almanac 2017

2nd Update on 31-Dec-2016:  Got my copy of the Sarawak Government Almanac 2017 from the local bookstores yesterday.  Turns out any bookstores having them went...

Galveston Key Smoke Shack 360

This 360 video in the jackup rig Galveston Key's Smoke Shack is a tribute to all the guys (smokers, vapers or non-smokers) who worked...

Galveston Key Assistant Driller POV

The team performing weekly major drilling equipment checks & testing when the rig was in lukewarm stack in Abu Dhabi.  Thanks to Weslly for...

Galveston Key Sunrise at Freeport Abu Dhabi

A timelapse view of sunrise when the rig was in Freeport, Abu Dhabi.  Thanks to Rahman for getting up early to capture the scene.

Galveston Key Deluge System

Testing the Deluge System on the rig floor and at the diverter area when the jackup rig Galveston Key arrived in India.  Thanks to...

Galveston Key Turtle Rescue

While the jackup drilling Rig Galveston Key is being towed from Abu Dhabi to India, the crew spotted a turtle trapped in the swirling...

Galveston Key FRC Ride

Taking a ride on the Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) in Abu Dhabi and featuring a unique perspective from below the jackup drilling rig Galveston...

Galveston Key FRC & Lifeboat 3

Lifeboat 3 launching & recovering with the aid of Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) in Abu Dhabi.

Galveston Key FRC & Lifeboat 2

The launching, system tests and recovering of Lifeboat 2 with the aid of the Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) when the Rig Galveston Key was...

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