Monday, 18-Dec-2017

Galveston Key Big Win

This is how we spend our off-hours on the jackup drilling rig Galveston Key - by having a great time playing Scatter Slots and...

Galveston Key Drawworks Brake Bands Changeout

With the permission of the Warranty Surveyor, the team took the opportunity to changeout the Drawworks Brake Bands while the jackup drilling rig Galveston...

Galveston Key Main Engine 4 Long Block Swap

A timelapse video of swapping out the Main Engine #4 Long Block on the jackup drilling rig Galveston Key with the help of the...

Galveston Key Happy Diwali Lunch

A simple Diwali lunch celebration in the galley while the jackup drilling rig Galveston Key is being towed from Abu Dhabi to India.

Galveston Key Top Drive PM

Weekly Preventive Maintenance on the Top Drive when the jackup drilling rig Galveston Key was in "lukewarm" stack in Abu Dhabi.

Galveston Key Derrickman POV

Tony the Derrickman made it look so easy to scale & reach the top of the derrick on the jackup drilling rig Galveston Key....

No Problem Entering Sarawak

Sarawak's autonomy in some form of self-government was once a great idea.  Anyway, this article wrote a joke in my mind about the struggle...

Spin The Bottle

It's a norm prior state elections where various parties in a collation whinging & whining about their deserving seats in the media when the allocation has been...


Loosely based on a local news article about a boat Captain abandoned his ship leaving behind 6 containers of smuggled cigarettes and 3 crews.    

Stacked Rigs in Labuan – Trident 9, Compact Driller, Key Gibraltar

I had the opportunity to visit the rig Trident 9, Compact Driller, and Key Gibraltar recently for an assignment - these 3 rigs have been...