Quotes from Naga 6

When you have worked on the same drilling rig for a certain amount of time, no doubt you will meet lots of people along the way.  These are people of various races & cultures holding different roles and working in different shifts.  Like it or not, the daily events onboard the rig requires interaction and communication among the crew.  From this you will come across interesting characters saying things which will stick in your memory.

The following are some of the many quotes I can remember from the friendship I have with the team on Naga 6.  It may come across as internal jokes, but it is the timing of these words which makes the usual activities (and sometimes boring) so much more interesting.

Where I’m from, the sheep calls out “daa…ddy”…

Steve Lionel Oliveaux

It’s boring… I need Downtime to feel alive again!

Azmy Nageh @ Zuma

Ooo ooo… It’s just me, myself and I

Julian Meet

Datang bulan ke, datang bintang ke, saya datang kem.

Gabriel Janty Albert Likau

Campboss! Where is my Chicken Flavored Maggie Mee?!

Sasa Lovrenovic


Julian Meet

You like the smell? You can get it from warehouse.

Guruprasad Omaya Kukyan

James Bond! PCSB Matco! 435! Tolonglah…

Mohd. Azahar Jusoh

Three things my old man told me:
1. You get what you paid for.
2. If you see a carrot dangling in front of you, turn around to see who is holding the whip.
3. Life is like a sewer – you get what you put in.

Christopher Anthony Parish @ Chris

Yes, we have stock in Lawas…

Abdul Rahman Abdullah @ Richard

Si loh… mati olang…

Abdul Rahman Abdullah @ Richard


Azmy Nageh @ Zuma

Jamal!… PMS!… 339!…

George Baldwin @ Pete


Dampa Anak Abo

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