RSS: My first attempt

Have you ever wondered what the following icons are? You have been to numerous sites in the last few years and surely you must have seen them before:
RSS Livemark XML RSS
Well, it’s only this year I started to learn & use this technology (couldn’t think of any other better excuse at the moment) and it is amazing that other people out there have made big money out of it just because they got into it earlier. Will explain my research on the business side some other time, but right now, let me put it in lay-man’s term so that you will get an idea what RSS is all about.

In my mind, RSS works like a sitemap you normally see in websites. The only difference is, it stores the links in XML format (which is a standard data format), and maintains/limits the list to most latests topics only. Websites which you’ll normally see RSS made available are like blogs, news sites, etc. – which constantly churns out lots of new contents daily. Typically in order to keep up with the latest topics from your favourite sites, you’ll just fire-up your browser, go to the site, and read what’s new on the main page in hoping you didn’t miss out on something important for the past few days. You will perform the same procedure on other favourite sites too – which is apparently a strenuous task just to find & read all the interesting topics which you have missed out since the last time you were there. Wouldn’t it be great if an application can download all the latest topics from all your favourite sites and keep it in store for you to read them later? Well, that’s where RSS comes into play: to streamline your online needs.

I’m using Thunderbird as the offline RSS reader for my favourite list of RSS sources. Here’s a screen capture of how it looks like:

RSS reader in Thunderbird

There are also other free RSS web readers out there which you can subscribe to:

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