Sarawak Chronology Of Events 1839-2015

If you have seen the hardcopy of any Sarawak Government Almanacs like the latest 2018 edition, on the back of each page, there are listings of Sarawak chronological events going all the way back to the 19th century.  It is obviously not an exhaustive listing, but I think it serves as a good starting point to get into the history of Sarawak if the bite-sized texts intrigue you.

My 2017 Almanac only shows 44 pages of historical events ranging from the year 1839 till 2015.  Until I get my personal hardcopy of the Sarawak Government Almanac 2018, I am not sure whether there are any new entries made to catch up for 2016 & 2017.

Personally I find it rather interesting when reading the pre-Malaysia era events.  The short texts in the document do not provide many details, but with a little imagination (and with the help of Google & Wikipedia) the event paints an interesting past.  Perhaps in due time, I will further expand my research using the live table of the events below.

Live table of the Sarawak Chronology Of Events:

115/08/1839An adventurer, James Brooke first visited Sarawak, a province of the Brunei Sultanate by Schooner, the Royalist.
229/08/1840James Brooke returned to Sarawak.
320/12/1840Berlidah captured.
424/09/1841As a reward for the success to bring about settlement of a revolt, James Brooke was given the Government of Sarawak by Raja Muda Hashim.
510/01/1842First code of laws published by James Brooke.
601/08/1842James Brooke proclaimed Rajah of Sarawak at Brunei.
718/09/1842Installation of James Brooke as Rajah in Kuching.
812/06/1843Taking of Paku.
915/06/1843Taking of Rimbas.
1005/07/1843Visit of H.M.S. "Samarang" to Sarawak.

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