Sarawak Government Almanac 2016

2nd Update: The scanned copy of the Sarawak Government Almanac 2016 is now available for sharing.  Thanks to Winnie & Mark for making it happen.

1st Update: Still haven’t receive my hardcopy of the latest 2016 almanac yet. A made a quick call to Pecetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB) at Piasau Industrial area, the nice lady at the other end claimed that this year’s batch is still waiting for the Chief Minister’s approval to release. Watch this space.

Download Scanned PDF:

Scanned Images:

8 thoughts on “Sarawak Government Almanac 2016”

    • The nice folks at Pecetakan said that Miri will get their batch from Kuching sometime end of this month. I’ve reserved mine already so we’ll see if it gets here earlier.

  1. Bila ada almanac 2016 tuan?
    Sya sgt memerlukan almanac. Macm buta saja tiada almanac tu. Jangan la tiada. kalau ada boleh cepat kah?

  2. Sarawak Almanac 2016 is out and sold at bookstores in Tabuan Jaya for rm8.- each. 1st month January is over and perhaps can get some discount.
    Anyway, can we have the soft copy of Sarawak Almanac 2016 at this site, tks.

  3. Pecetakan Miri just called to inform the 2016 Almanac is now available at their shop. Going to collect it soon and post the scanned copy in the next few days.

  4. Well, Deepavali is still “subjected to changes” in Sarawak for 2016 (the only state in Malaysia still not recognizing the public holiday for the celebration of light). By the way, the scanned copy is now available above. If you are interested to purchase and download the scanned version, your contribution will be very much appreciated.

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