Sarawak Government Almanac 2018

13-Jan-2018: Received my hardcopy of Sarawak Government Almanac 2018 today from the local courier service.  Thanks to Jackie for getting it for me.  Went straight into scanning, optimizing the files and updated the links on this post.  Hope you enjoy it and please remember to support your local bookstore if you want to own a personal hardcopy.  The scanned version on this site is mainly for educational and archive purposes only.

4-Jan-2018: Happy New Year folks.  The hardcopy of Sarawak Government Almanac 2018 is still hard to get in Miri bookstores this year.  Perhaps some people are having better luck in getting them.  Thanks to Jackie, I’ve received the first scanned copy circulating in the social network.  Sharing the PDF version (with individual images below) first while trying to get my own hardcopy soon.

4-Dec-2017: Belle’s Bookshop is saying their first batch is estimated to arrive late December 2017 or early January 2018.  Let’s see how it goes.

1-Dec-2017: Just starting to get in touch with some of the local bookstore to check whether the new Sarawak Government Almanac 2018 has found its way to Miri.  Watch this space.

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