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Having left the shipbuilding industry, I suppose the knowledge is worth sharing with anyone in searching to find the best solution to their existing problem when it comes to managing their engineering documents.

Problem: Important electronic documents were everywhere in the adopted & managed communication methods – email attachments, thumbdrive, portable HDD, CDs, DVDs, and sometimes in file transfer via IM.  Hardcopy documents (e.g. test certificates, class approved drawings, equipment manuals, design specifications, etc) were either neatly organized and stored in a central library, or lost in someone’s cubicle.  Besides that, there are the revised documents that needs to be tracked, controlled, and issued on a timely manner in order to meet progress milestones.

Solution: A simple webserver (XAMPP) running on a Windows XP Professional box, a free & open source wiki (Mediawiki), a wiki administrator & a couple of trained staffs in the document control department, a dedicated and official email address to receive these electronic documents, the design team ensures these documents are checked before passing it onto the wiki administrator, and a simple procedural rule:  that anything on the wiki is the approved and the latest.

Result: A streamlined central repository where the Management, Project and Design Team of the public listed Sealink International Berhad were able to boost efficiency all the while creating more headroom for productivity.

Here are some screen captures of the SealinkWiki (the document controlling system) which I’ve cracked my head for months before it became the backbone of the engineering team:

Project References:

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  1. hmm, u’re previously in sealink? now they’re in need of a new IT guy… and r really desperate… offering me quite a good remuneration… but im in brunei working rite now… not really sure if it’s a good idea to go for sealink… any suggestions?

  2. Well, it all depends on where you want to take your career in the IT industry. Different people have different luck in different company. My background is originally IT and I’m more interested in systems engineering and analysis. If you know what you want, then best to find out the job scope in detail to see whether it fits your career plan.


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