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I remember I was listening to a bunch of favorite songs on my notebook when I was stuck in Cape Town between 7th May 2010 till 5th July 2010.  It’s amazing how all these songs have memories trapped in them when you recall when was the first time you’ve heard it, or with whom did you sang it with, or the events happening while this music is the hit, etc.  On 21st June 2010, one cherished memory was triggered, and lead me trying to find information of my deceased grandparents in the Internet.  Obviously nothing turned up, not even their obituaries.  It was then I went to find whether anyone was collecting these data in Malaysia and publishing it openly on their website.  To my surprise, those who are attempting at this project were actually charging people to compose and put obituaries, memorials, condolences, requiems, etc on their website – just like what the mainstream newspapers are doing.  I have nothing against this, but I know for a fact the family members of the deceased will not be in the good position to be composing such sad news on the first week, but I guess that’s why these guys are charging for such services.  Well, this sounds like a good personal project to do – harvest all these unwanted information on mainstream media (yes, unwanted because it is negative news unless it has other reasons behind it, plus no one wants to keep them), put it on Death.My, and hopefully it will find people near & far seeking to confirm official news of the deceased back in Malaysia without the need to check with the local authorities.  After working out the details of the project, I shelved it for later tinkering when the timing was right.

Then sometime late March 2011, a friend posted in MiriCommunity.net looking for her missing cousin in Miri.  As days passed, the event tragically turned for the worst.  The sad outcome have received national attention.  But to me personally, the grief was one of the best reasons to start working on Death.My.



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